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montale profumo roses musk

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montale profumo roses musk

Sexy sexy sexy. This is really special. Free Shipping. It's actually painful to experience, with that jagged, crystalline, weapons-grade Montale musk delivering a sickeningly plasticine fake rose laced with poisonous sugary vanilla overtones and an indescribable chemical vibe that reminds me of cardboard car air freshers. A musk that caresses the senses and soft, clean skin loving fragrance. Its perfect. Analytical cookies are not essential for browsing but, for example, they facilitate your searches or optimise your shopping experience, helping us to improve our website in order to offer the best possible level of service. Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. This isn't a dewy rose, a green rose, or an earthy rose. beautiful combination or Roses Jasmin ans Musk.lasts all day on me and people compliment a lot on this perfume. Would you like to know which fragrances fit you best? (if you notice a lot of perfumes have jasmine as a base) this is something you would wear on a night out or on a first date. This is a clean rose scent with great longevity. Reviews . I'm intrigued that this is called roses musk because what I smell is more of a woody base rather than musk. INGREDIENTS: ALCOHOL DENAT • PARFUM / FRAGRANCE • AQUA / WATER • CITRONELLOL • LIMONENE • GERANIOL • CITRAL. Maybe I'm anosmic to some of the musk notes, or maybe this is "musk rose" (Rosa moschata) and there's not really musk to smell? Just that prominent. A very beautiful scent. Most Montale are very high quality and it would be great if I could find them more easily and cheaper! To me, this is the same beautiful rose note but without the sickening sweetness that intense cafe has. Designed for both men and women, it features notes of ambergris, leather, black pepper, nutmeg, teak wood, patchouli, sandalwood and musk. This is stunning! Pierre Montale had a date with destiny 20 years ago in the far reaches of the Kingdom of Arabia. Are you looking for a specific note or fragrance? This has really gained me some rose love and I’m becoming obsessed. Thank God I've managed to backup 2 big bottles of the original formula. Oriental dark pink roses and incensey musk! This is in mood and character very similar to the famed Parfums de Marly Delina only it less peppery and much more nicer. Initial scent brought me back to being a teenager in Alabama - wanting to be grown, but with a touch of innocence. My own brain has committed an act of treachery! An instinct would be a good thing to rely on or actually testing it on yourself. Exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. This new edition: Roses Musk released in 2019 #rosesmusk #rosesmuskmontale #limitededition @my_perfume_armenia Exclusively Original perfume ️ ️ ️ available collection ️ ️ ️ Affordable prices ️ ️ ️ Free delivery whatsapp + 37491583303 What the actual F%#$??? Having said that, I wore this on a date with a butch lesbian and she loved it, too. There is more ambergris, I'd say, than musk, but the musk contributes no doubt as well to the overall effect of this perfume which pushes it all the way to unisex, and just a touch over the edge to the masculine side. What a bubbly, upbeat, sexy rose. The musk in Roses Musk smells just like Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Perfume to me. I can't smell muskiness. Fragrance Reviews: 1025761 Elegant body cream with a bold fragrance, perfect for daily use. Fast shipping and free delivery on five or more items.100% authentic deals on niche and designer perfumes. My roses musk is absolutly beautiful , I think the best of montale , it's a woman best seller in the middle east . To my olfactory senses gthis is a perfect combination. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. It's a very gorgeous, slightly citrussy rose, heavily overpowered by the definite metallic coldness of a chemical mix that's been sprayed directly from a can of pressurised air. Not sweet and dreamy, but cold and fresh instead - think about the vibe of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Voleur de Roses blend with Black XS pour homme. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I tried out this perfume in last September and wished to have it since. Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Elegant body cream with a bold fragrance, perfect for daily use. I'd say they are dupes, the only different is Rose Musk gave monster projection while Al Haramain Musk stay close to the skin, they both last all day on me. The best of Montale fragrance, perfume and cologne Intense cafe, Chocolate greedy, Honey aoud, Aoud Jasmine at .Canada's #1 Online discount perfume outlet. Musk. This text file is a cookie. Though I like both rose and musk, I suddenly realized that it is the combination that does not work at all for me. The roses are sharply fresh and light, not edible and not powdery smooth, as I thought before. Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Soft, clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses. This is linear. gee i have it on and its very light on me :-( sucha shame! Yep! The top note of rose provides a hint of romance. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. A very pleasant fragrance with low sillage and good longevity (5-6 hours). Montale Roses Musk is a beautifully feminine Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light. Be the first to review “MONTALE ROSES MUSK” Cancel reply. But it disappeared with this perfume breathe. I am so disappointed. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. Ginger Musk by Montale is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. Every time I smell this, it reminds me of being a tour guide at an antebellum home in my hometown. $6.95 Standard Shipping charged to all orders under $59.00 $3.95 Samples Shipping charged to orders with just 2 ML Samples. I finally found it and what do I discover? The rose there is more present,more dominant and the notes more clear. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Rose is my absolute favorite note. 3.87 Orders $59.00 & Over ship for FREE There is no metalic note. Squisite Rose baciate dalla rugiada in piena fioritura che lasciano senza fiato. offers Intense Roses Musk in various sizes, all at discount prices. Montale Black Musk by Montale Perfume. I mention that because I got my girlfriend to try this as I had samples on both wrists at this point. It is not easy to find a perfume that blends right in with your body. The service using this type of cookies is YouTube. :( The gorgeous roses are totally defeated by a medicinal, rubbing alcohol scent. roses de chloe smells very similar to this but less musky and definitely more delicate. KEY NOTES : - Top notes: Rose - Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose - Base notes: Ambergris, Musk FRAGRANCE FAMILY : Floral ABOUT THE FRAGRANCE : Smells like it sounds. And what is more, the longevity is baffling. A gorgeous rose soliflore. I LOVE LOVE this perfume. It’s roses. I doubt I will even sample another Montale fragrance. Montale Roses Musk Eau de Parfum will be especially great for women who love floral fragrances with the sensual aroma of musk. This smells almost identical to the much more affordable Wisal Dhahab Ajmal. A true symbol of olfactory elegance, vanilla takes on a leading role in our creations. Sticks to clothes like glue. She used to smell exactly like this I SWEAR ON GOD! I thought I would revisit the scent and oh am I glad that I did. Montale Roses Musk Perfume by Montal... (. The longevity is above-average. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. If it was beautiful that would be awesome, but it's awful...just awful. Montale Roses Musk Fragrance notes are Rose essence, jasmine, and musk. To be clear I'm not saying that's necessarily a negative thing......But it certainly is very, very weird. Black xs for him, which is my favourite men's fragrance, but it's still very feminine, special, rosy perfume. To my nose, Montale ROSES MUSK--at least the batch from which my sample was drawn--is really a masculine rose. I'm guessing it's because they use very good quality essential oil in high concentration. I didn't even know jasmine was anywhere in the makeup of this scent. As another reviewer noted, there is a huge blast of Iso E Super or ambroxan (something very synthetic woods smelling) at the initial spray, mixed with rose. It's cold roses with hint of musk and something else. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. You went in hard with the WD40 to try to loosen up the cap but a lot of the liquid accidentally found its way inside the bottle and mixed in with the perfume. I rarely wear women's fragrances, but I adore this one. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk. :(. But the crazy part about it is... other people love it on me! Thin, superficial, disappointing. It's very romantic. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk. Nice roses, very-very long lasting scent. I find it to be a very intoxicating, sexy and fun rose; the way that most straight men get hard ons from cheap, synthetic crowd pleasers like Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, this rose is definitely a man trapper. Muschio morbido, pulito e amante della pelle che accarezza i sensi. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. definitely a signature scent. I kept sniffing her throughout the day and this is what I thought. Inspired by the beauty and hidden secrets of the Eastern world, between learning process and pure marvel, he composes with confidential and millennial olfactory materials such as rose, incense, amber, cedar, precious woods and a thousand other wonderful scents like happy ointments or love potions. rose, jasmine. It really is a beautiful rose, if your skin works well with it. It's good. Definitely try a sample before buying. Sharp,metallic, dirty rose. Smells like roses, musk, and some floral back notes. I tried to so a skin spray, but the chemical smell was really overwhelming. Men love it. I would prefer if it would be at least 1 more flower here. See 13 member reviews and photos. In my opinion it's very similar to P.R. She’s fresh and clean w/ a dirty mind. As others have mentioned, this turns into something very similar to Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. I only own a sample, but I can imagine one spray to be too much. Nice and clean. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. Very nice. The dry down is very reminiscent of Stella McCartney. Hassle free returns. I am very surprised there aren't more reviews for this scent. In fact, I am recommending to ALL FRAGHEADS out there to "stalk" Christianbe1(in a good way. I had sadly association with rose scent from my childhood. Much more light and fresh, so it's more fitted for summer and spring than intense cafe. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk. The most pure Roses delicately harmonised by the precious Musk, underlined with a touch of Amber and Jasmine, for an elegant sparkling sillage. This fragrance was made by Pierre Montale and was launched in 2009. It is well supported by the musk. Bliss. Montale Roses Musk 100ml/3.33oz Eau de Parfum Spray Perfume Fragrance for Women 4.0 out of 5 stars 74 100% Authentic MONTALE STARRY NIGHTS Eau de Perfume 100ml Made in France Ginger Musk was launched in 2006. I don't know why I am such a fool that everytime I am impressed by a perfume, I run to find the best deal and buy it like I've finally found the one, when I know what fits me and what's my signature. Between this and Roses Vanille I definitely prefer Roses Vanille. I had a small sample from dept store laying around and decided to try this since I have never tried a Montale fragrance. It has the rose note but I also smell a lemon note. It started off as a lush, slightly spicy, "jammy" rose...and pretty much stayed that way for quite awhile. It offers an uncomplicated yet powerful median rose combined with fresh laundry musks. Next. Roses. I could smell the Rose when I opened the box , I looked to make sure it had not leaked. It reminds me rose fragrance you’ll find in a face wash or skincare like Lancôme. › en › roses › 68-220-roses-musk-rose.html This is the first Montale that I nearly love. People can smell it on you even next day after a shower! Online right now: 2150, Fragrantica in your language: There are a few differences at play with the rest of their compositions, however. The fragrance also includes a heart note of jasmine and finishing notes of amber and musk. Month to Month. Very disappointing Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2019 I am a huge fan of Montale perfumes and have been purchasing them for quite some time now.. when I received this one I could immediately tell that something was off. They are usually only activated in response to actions you perform generating a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, choosing your country, logging in or adding to the shopping cart. Considering the price difference, I could understand some going for the less expensive option, but I definitely like this one, as it's a rosy oud that has no "sharp edges" and isn't "chemical" (though those who have yet to try oud scents may perceive things that way, of course). Too bad, but I can easily understand all the hype about this. Silky musky rose! No musc, but I measure musc by Narciso scale. The … Montale Roses Musk EDP Reviews & Rating Read More » The rose notes are rich, and cool, and this is completely beautiful. this is not a clean, flirty, or light rose perfume. Roses are probably my number one favorite note in perfumes. Free Shipping. montale intense roses musk for women extrait de parfum 100ml top notes - musk, amber, jasmine, rose mid notes - mn base notes - bn fragrance family - floral buy montale intense roses musk for women extrait de parfum 100ml online in india and worldwide at projekt pefumery india's official webstore - powered by perfumologist(tm). After the rose scent goes away, it becomes a really nice sparkling summer fresh and clean fragrance. Soft, clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses. Gorgeous for the first hour, the musk then turned very sharp on my skin. Buy Montale Roses Musk perfume samples at Scent Samples, the home of fragrance sampling. This rich and enveloping cream is fortified with sea elastin and ginseng extract that tone and smooth the skin's tissue and improve elasticity. I love Rose perfumes, I have a bunch in my collection and I love my Roses dewy, light and fresh. An afternoon walk through a sunny rose garden full of lush pink and yellow roses - those with the touch of candied lemon zest fragrance, with a couple of jasmine bushes growing in the background. Montale Rose Musk Eau de Parfum, released in 2009, features a combination of the two notes that make up it’s name. this is the type of perfume that lets itself be known. What a pity. While many perfumes contain complicated lists of notes, this fragrance is defined by only four ingredients. 2,516 votes. The musk is the sexy part, but the rose is youthful and sparkling. Roses have such a wide range of characteristics and can be everything from a dark, dusty and dramatic rose to a fresh light rose with greenish notes, or a classical vampy red one. This is a very rosey rose. I like this perfume. Have a question? Advanced in ingredient blending, Montale Parfums harmonizes essences of the East and West while continuing in the ageless tradition of French perfumery. This fragrance is made up of pure roses that are delicately harmonized with musk and slightly underlined by a hint of amber and … Made in France. Worth to try it. Shop for Montale Paris Perfume. I know a lot of people say Montale fragrances always have a synthetic smell (which I tend to agree) but I don’t think this is the case with Roses Musk. It reminds me of my only Lancome favorite "Mille and Une Roses" but this one is more intense and lasts longer. I expected a lot more from this fragance after hearing all the hype, I suggest if you have Roses Vanille, do not buy this its not worth your money it smells literally the same I get no musk at all. › perfume › Montale › Roses-Musk-1148.html BUT Today, let me tell you I fell in freaking love. Intense Roses Musk was launched in 2015. Such a nice change from other rose fragrances that become muddled up with a lot of other scents and wears it down. Since I have Stella I will not be purchasing this one! It is very long lasting yet I found myself respraying over and over because the first hour is just fabulous and I wanted to experience it over and over.

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